Being paid for being me

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The first time I realized that I could be paid for simply being me...

I started painting a few years ago because I felt a strong need to create.I  was looking for something simple, small, and portable. I bought a very small box of watercolor and a tablet of paper. It was simply to satisfy my impetuous need to create, without the pressure of running a business, in a quiet space. Soon after, I was  invited, by happenstance, to exhibit some watercolors. And, magically, someone bought one.

Sitting in my car, I felt immense joy at the idea that I could actually do something I love to do, like drawing, and get paid. I had the false belief that the things that we enjoy tremendously, the things that easily bring us back to our inner child, are not a profession. Working, could not be playing ! When I realized that maybe I was wrong, and that yes, it was possible for me to play to work, I burst out laughing.
And in fact, the more I think about it, not only do I believe that, yes, it is possible to "play" to work, but that in fact, it is really preferable. Because the more we are who we are, the more our life, and the lives of the people around us, is tinged with joy.

Thanks for this shared moment

May your day be joyful



"And, magically, someone bought one."


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