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Go back to nature

In March 2019 my life turned upside down. I sold my business to jump completely into visual design. At the same time, almost to the day, the global pandemic was officially declared. Overnight, my usual landmarks had disappeared. I felt lost. To center myself, I started taking regular walks in the forest. And then, every day, no matter what the temperature. Little by little, I reconnected with nature.  Each time discovering beauty, meeting animals, taking pictures. I met the trees in a new way, I felt their slow rhythm, their kindness, their resilience. All this gave me courage and hope and inspiration. And more and more, I want to talk about these experiences through my art. Nature is caring, we...

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Being paid for being me

( En français, cliquer ici ) The first time I realized that I could be paid for simply being me... I started painting a few years ago because I felt a strong need to create.I  was looking for something simple, small, and portable. I bought a very small box of watercolor and a tablet of paper. It was simply to satisfy my impetuous need to create, without the pressure of running a business, in a quiet space. Soon after, I was  invited, by happenstance, to exhibit some watercolors. And, magically, someone bought one. Sitting in my car, I felt immense joy at the idea that I could actually do something I love to do, like drawing, and get paid. I had...

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